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Project Overview

This project involved providing Toroportal, an IT company, with a unique and memorable logo design to enhance their online presence. We also created a promotional video to boost their brand’s visibility and engagement.

Promotional Video

The promotional video, a succinct seven-second clip, serves as a captivating calling card for Toroportal. It can be seamlessly attached to their brand and promotional videos, akin to how the iconic TikTok logo is placed at the end of videos.


One notable challenge was ensuring that in the promotional video, the rotation of suffix words such as “Toro-vod” aligned perfectly, striking the right balance between speed and fluidity. This was a minor but significant aspect of the project.

Logo Design

For Toroportal, I crafted a striking two-tone logo in red and blue, featuring both a shortened version with just the letter “T” and the full company name. The “T” incorporates bull horns, symbolizing “toro,” which is Spanish for bull and pays homage to the company director’s last name. The blue circle surrounding the “T” underscores Toroportal’s expertise in IT and network solutions.

Client Satisfaction

Toroportal expressed immense satisfaction with the logo and video, reflecting the successful execution of my project. Their contentment is a testament to my ability to meet their design and branding needs effectively.

Future Directions

Since the project’s completion, Toroportal has continued to collaborate with me for edits on various videos and promotional materials. This includes the creation of a flyer optimized for leaflet distribution to further extend their reach and brand presence.