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I am a Bedfordshire based Engineer with a passion for music


I am always working on one project or another, see what my latest achievments are…


Currently studying Computing and Electronics Engineering at the OU


Over 30 years of audio engineering, music production, composition and audio services

How I can help take your next project to new heights

My Story

I am a multi-skilled individual with a passion for innovation and a deep love for music. With a diverse background encompassing avionics, mechanical engineering, RF communication, and more, I bring a unique perspective to every project. However, it’s my creative talent in music production that truly sets me apart. I excel inĀ  blending genres, and delivering musical experiences that resonate with and leisure and professional applications.

My mixture of technical disciplines and artistic pursuits fuels my creativity, making me a versatile and dynamic force in my world.

Where I’ve Worked

2022 - Now

Avionics Engineer at Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

2005 - Now

Web and Content Developer Freelancer

2008 - 2020

Military Communications and Aviation Engineer with the British Army

2001 - 2005

Audio Engineering and Stage Managment at Mean Fiddler (Festival Republic)

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