Crafting Love and Light: My One of a Kind Gift

When it comes to showing love and appreciation for someone special in your life, there’s no limit to the creative ways you can express it. For me, this journey of expressing love took shape in the form of a Hollywood-style mirror that I handcrafted for valentines day.

It wasn’t just a mirror; it was a symbol of love and the thought and effort that should go into gifting for somone you care about. Here’s the story of how I turned an idea into a one of a kind masterpiece.

Inspiration Strikes

Born from Love

The idea for this Hollywood-style mirror was born out of love, a desire to create something unique, and an eagerness to see the look of surprise and joy on my partner’s face. It was meant to be a Valentine’s Day gift like no other.

Hours in the Workshop

The project took me approximately 16 hours to complete (while also working full time and caring for 3 kids! Every minute spent was a labor of love, each step bringing me closer to unveiling the surprise gift.

Fluid Design

Design Unfolds

The design of the mirror was a fluid concept, constantly evolving as I brought it to life. What made it truly unique was the fact that it was one of a kind, never to be replicated. The mirror featured lights around its entire outer edge, a signature of the classic Hollywood style, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to our living space.

A Solo Journey

I embarked on this journey alone, working tirelessly in my workshop. There were moments of doubt and frustration, but the thought of the smile on my partner’s face kept me going.

Moments of Madness

The Unexpected Brightness

Sometimes, even the most well-thought-out plans have surprises in store. The first set of bulbs I purchased turned out to be far too bright. When I first switched on the mirror, I could barely open my eyes! So, I had to make a quick run to get lower-wattage bulbs, ensuring a softer and more flattering glow.

Favorite Part

What I cherished the most about making this mirror was knowing that it was a gift like no other, a testament to the depth of my love and dedication. It was more than just a mirror; it was a symbol of the effort and creativity I was willing to invest to make my partner feel special.

A Gift of Inspiration

In the end, I hoped that this Hollywood-style mirror wasn’t just a beautiful addition to our home but also an inspiration to others. Anyone can buy a gift, but crafting something unique and heartfelt from scratch is an extraordinary way to show love. It’s a reminder that creativity, time, and effort can make a gift truly exceptional.  Originally the wood was my Step-Daughter’s bed,  but it’s life extended beyond her need for a bigger bed!

When I think of the Hollywood-style mirror now, it reflects not only the image of my past love but also the love I have for creativity and the joy of giving. It’s a piece of art that tells a story—a story of love, creativity, and the power of a handmade gift.

It makes me sad to think it’s now been disgarded but at least I can share the pictures with you.