Unveiling the Wild World of Bunker Bushcraft

Bushcraft is the art of self-sufficiency in the great outdoors. It’s about mastering the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the wild, away from the comforts of modern living. At Bunker Bushcraft, they offer a unique and unforgettable experience suitable for both children and adults, set in the safe and welcoming environment of the Club at Holbrook Manor, Somerset. While they can’t teach you how to catch a grizzly bear, they can certainly help you master nearly everything else related to bushcraft, survival techniques, and living off the land.

The Mind Behind Bunker Bushcraft

Neil Anderson

Leading Bunker Bushcraft is Neil Anderson, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience, including military service. Neil’s journey led him through various Bushcraft and Survival Courses, where he gained recognized qualifications in various disciplines, such as Fire Lighting, Primitive Crafts, Axe Proficiency, Foraging, and Traps and Snares. With a strong foundation in teaching, Neil ensures that you receive inclusive and effective training.

The story of Bunker Bushcraft began when Neil and I, both veterans of the armed forces, left the military around the same time. Neil approached me with a new business idea, and together, we embarked on the journey to create a website that would represent his vision.

Crafting the Website

The website for Bunker Bushcraft was designed to be simple, yet appealing, with a corporate layout that also resonates with individuals and families. The project evolved as we worked on it, and its features reflect the unique offerings of Bunker Bushcraft.

Booking Form

I implemented a versatile booking form with group discount variables, coupon codes, and a public liability form for health and safety. This form can be conveniently filled out online and is automatically sent to Neil, along with payment and booking details.

Responsive Design

To guarantee an excellent user experience, the website was rigorously tested on various screen sizes and devices.

Security Measures

The website ensures user privacy and security with a solid cookie policy, SSL encryption, and minimal data collection.

Content Creation

The website’s content was carefully curated, with visuals provided by Neil and videos added as the project progressed. SEO optimization was applied to the content to ensure high visibility on search engines.

SEO and Keywords

I employed tools like SEMrush and SERPstash to identify relevant keywords, and all images were accompanied by captions and text to enhance visibility on search engines.

Free Aftercare

My commitment extends beyond course completion. I offer free advice and support for two months after you’ve been handed the completed website post snagging.

Future Plans

Working with Neil at Bunker Bushcraft, he are continually exploring opportunities for growth and development. While the website is complete and the client’s needs have been met, Neil’s commitment to outdoor education continues. In the future, Neil plans to offer more courses and expand his reach.

Interested in exploring the world of bushcraft and survival skills? Feel free to contact Neil with any inquiries or to book a Bushcraft Session. You can reach Neil through his contact form or visit his website for more information.

Bunker Bushcraft is not just a school; it’s an invitation to discover the art of self-sufficiency and reconnect with nature. The website I made is a testament to my commitment to providing high-quality business automation which will considerably cut down time spent on administration leaving more room to focus on what you really want… growing your business and providing great service.

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