Immortalising Achievments

When my partner stood on my guitar and broke the neck, I was oviously devistated… Until I had the idea of keeping my history as a unique decorative piece to keep in my studio!

During my time with Mean Fiddler (now Festival Republic) I kept a lot of my backstage passes by sticking them to my guitar.

Yeah? Prove it!

Keeping the Unbelievable Proof

Most of the other memoribilia I collected like guitar picks, set lists and drum sticks I picked up from the stage after the gig were lost so I wanted to make sure these AAA passes didn’t suffer a similar fate! Not many people believe stories of being on stage with world class bands.

Big Ideas

Most of the time, I was given a crew tee-shirt at each gig with the band name and tour dates written on and I managed to keep them all.  The problem with that is they all got mouldy and smelly over time.  I had an idea to make them into a quilt but I’m no seamstress.

Not Everything Sticks

Best and Worst

I got the privelage to work with some amazing bands, but as the old saying goes “If you want to eat tuna, expect bones!”  so I had my fair share of working with some aweful acts.  The most memorable was when Craig David held a promotional corporate show at the Scala in Kings Cross where I counted him saying his own name about 30 times in as many minuites (probably).

Liz’s Tea Party

During the Queens Silver Jubliee, there was a big operation to host the entertainment in Her Maj’s back yard.  We were there for about two weeks destroying her perfect lawn before it kicked off and we left within hours of the finish…  we ghoasted the Queen after her own party!

A Talking Point

Although the guitar can never be strung or played again after having the neck broken, I’ts great to have this uinque emalgumation of personal history, artwork and my love for music sitting in the studio.  I don’t bring it up much (for reasons already mentioned) but people are always interested to hear about the guitar’s story when they see it.

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