Christmas is all about creating moments of joy, wonder, and magic for children. For one creative couple running a mobile virtual reality arcade company, this sentiment was taken to heart as we prepared to attend a three-week Christmas fair. We had a spectacular idea in mind: a virtual sleigh ride with Santa that would leave a lasting impression on visitors. But to make the experience even more enchanting, I envisioned a tangible sleigh, one that could be enjoyed not only by children but also by parents and adults. And why stop there? It had to have room for Santa’s gifts too!

Crafted with Love

Creating this magical sleigh required some elbow grease and creativity. The main body of the sleigh was constructed from sturdy MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), ensuring it was robust and secure.

An old shelf found in the garage served as the foundation for the adult seat, making it suitable for everyone. The back of the sleigh was constructed using hardboard to accommodate Santa’s generous bag of presents.

An Inclusive Sleigh Ride

The design of the sleigh evolved as I worked, taking shape from the available materials in their workshop. A particular challenge was ensuring that the adult seat could withstand various loads and remain safe, especially for little ones who might be eager to climb and explore.

While the sleigh was built with children in mind, I understood the desire of adults to join in the festive fun. Therefore, an extra seat was added to the back, allowing grown-ups to experience the magic of Santa’s sleigh ride.

A Splash of Christmas Magic

The sleigh was brought to life with vibrant red paint, adorned with golden highlights to capture the essence of Christmas. Glittery red tape along the edges and black runners at the bottom added that extra touch of festive sparkle. The black back seat and the compartment for gifts were well-crafted for a balanced visual effect. The presents, cleverly crafted from empty boxes wrapped in Christmas paper and placed in pre-made sacks, added to the whimsical charm.

AMemories To Cherish

The sleigh was more than just a prop. It was a symbol of christmas spirit and wonder. Each year, it came out of storage and became a cherished living room decoration, creating magical moments and heartwarming memories.

The sight of children beside Santa, so close to Christmas, was nothing short of magical. For the little ones, it was an experience to remember, an adventure alongside Santa himself. One particularly cherished memory is captured in a heartwarming picture of my son playing with the sleigh, a snapshot of pure childhood delight.

Beyond the Arcade

The original intent of creating the sleigh was to enhance the arcade’s Christmas offerings. Yet, it became so much more. It transformed into a treasured piece of holiday decor that brought smiles and festive spirit year after year. While the current fate of the sleigh remains a mystery, the joy it brought endures in the memories and photos.

The creation of Santa’s sleigh was a labor of love, driven by the desire to kindle Christmas joy. The satisfaction and pride that came from crafting a piece of magic for children is immeasurable. One can only hope that this enchanting sleigh continues to spark holiday magic for many more years to come.


I have no idea if the sleigh is still in use or if it’s been destroyed in a tantrum courtesy of you know who but in the end, it’s not just a sleigh; it’s a symbol of the magic and wonder of Christmas, something to be cherished and shared, and a testament to the joy of creating memories with loved ones.

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