Crafting Aircraft Images with Precision

In the realm of aviation photography, where every detail matters, a unique project unfolded involving the Piper PA28 from Azure Flying School and the Diamond DA40 plus a DA42 from L3 Harris Airline Flight Academy. Acknowledging the aviation industry’s preference for discretion, I undertook a meticulous task—removing the aircraft registration numbers from the images, ensuring both visual appeal and operational confidentiality.

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Photoshop Aircraft Images - Alistair Fry Photoshop Aircraft Images - Alistair Fry

The Piper PA28 Project

While my primary goal centered on concealing registration marks, the team’s expertise extends beyond the visual realm. A parallel tale emerges from Azure Flight Training Centre, where a Piper Cherokee 180 underwent a critical shock-load inspection following propeller damage upon landing. here, not only did we examine the aircraft but also seized the opportunity to conduct an extensive engine overhaul, simultaneously installing a new propeller for enhanced performance and safety.

Delicate Artistry: Crafting Identities Through Personalized Photo Editing

At the heart of this project lies the delicate artistry of photo editing.  I used tools like GIMP and Photoshop, employing a combination of clone, heal, and blending techniques. These methods ensured the seamless removal of registration numbers while preserving the natural aesthetics of the aircraft.

Though the task presented no significant challenges, the attention to detail was paramount, especially with the Piper PA28’s line of rivets intersecting the registration.

Aviation And Other Photo Editing - Alistair Fry Aviation And Other Photo Editing - Alistair Fry

This project stands as a testament to my capabilities and the collaborative efforts of the team in managing multifaceted maintenance tasks, showcasing diverse expertise at Cranfield’s state-of-the-art facilities located at Cranfield airport.

We specialise in a wide range of aircraft, including the Diamond DA 40,42 and 62 Series, Piper Single and Twin Piston Engine Series, Cessna Single and Twin Piston Engine Series, and Britten-Norman BN2A/BN2B Series. For those seeking exceptional aircraft maintenance services with a personalized touch, you can get in touch with either me or contact the Chief Engineer Dan on 07712 475372 (quoting Alistair Fry)

We understand the importance of confidentiality in the aviation industry and are dedicated to delivering excellence in both maintenance and visual presentation.

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