A Competition Song – Peasey

I made this song for a competition on Bandlab (which I didn’t win!)

This was the first track I completed since getting back into my music as a serious hobby and just before I built the studio up.

The competition was to take a vocal clip supplied by Functional Loops Vocal Pack as part of their promotion.  The Vox stem was an acapella and the competition was to use this and build a track around it.

Inspiration Strikes

Waiting For Contact

The main inspiration for choosing the “Time to wait” part to repeat came while waiting to hear from my child I had not been able to gain contact with for a while.  It was this tune that made me create the Peasey Youtube channel and was the first upload of a full song.

Video Production

The video was kind of just thrown together using Adobe Premier Pro and the Adobe Stock video clip library under the “free” section.  I managed to get the dancers in time which was a little bit of a challenge and although it’s far from seamless, it wasn’t a bad attempt with respect to the situation I was in at the time.

Embarrassing Really

This is by no means my best work but at the time I had only just started on my musical journey that had been reignited after a period of about 15 years without making music other than just making recordings playing my guitar and the world of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) had moved on significantly without me!

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